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What we offer

We specialize in running poker events and casino night parties

for fundraisers or for private entertainment



We run a seamless operation, with quality, efficiency, and supportiveness as core values.  Ten years of experience and over 500 events allow us to understand the key variables to a successful event.



Two goals guide our approach: making the event a success and keeping it simple for organizers.  In addition to your guests, we will invite players from our extensive contact list.


Different events

  • For poker, we run Texas Hold'em tournaments that can easily accommodate 100+ players.

  • For our Casino Nights we can run Blackjack, Craps, Poker, Roulette and more.



We will

  • Create a page for your event

  • Provide advertising materials

  • Communicate the event and register players

  • Set up the venue ahead of time

  • Do the players check in

  • Supervise the event

  • Assist players

  • Calculate the prize pot



We take care of everything to ensure you have a great event - from supplying all the tables and equipment to printing event tickets and flyers to suit your needs.  CHECK IT OUT



We will bring experienced, licensed dealers, selected to suit the type of event.


registratioN IN N.J.

Also, we will guide you through the process of registering your organization with the State so that you may legally conduct poker events, casino nights, or raffles for the purpose of fundraising.  LEARN MORE



If you're unsure about how to run an organized gaming event, You can schedule a consultation and Mike will personally come to your group and give a presentation at one of your meetings to explain how to get it done, as well as show you how you can raise thousands of dollars in a single night.

If you'd like to talk to Mike about his services or running an event, use the Contact Form below.  If you prefer to receive a call, leave your phone and a time to be contacted.

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